Friday, February 28, 2014

winter break

last week I took a break from winter
I flew down to California to hang with gal pal Val
who also was taking a break from winter
a terrible terrible Boston winter
I left the older two boys with Grandma & Grandpa
and I took Hyrum with me
for a little one on one time that he and I both needed I think

everything about the trip was just wonderful
it was warm and sunny
(but not super hot, which is not my thing)
and the food
oh the food we ate
fish tacos
chili relleno burrito (um yes, I did just say that)
double scoop ice cream TWICE
the list goes on

we ventured to the LA fabric district
where I caught a glimpse of all it's glory
starting with Michael Levine

we watched the Olympics
and Val did what she does best
which is fill me in on the ins and out of the Games
we routed for USA, the underdogs, and sometimes Canada
just as long as Russia didn't win....
(sorry Russia, but this was rigged, everyone could see that)

I loved seeing where Valerie grew up
her home
her delightful parents
where she life guarded for so many summers
(something we both did summer after summer) 
we went on walks around the neighborhood
and caught up on life
a lot of life***
and just had a refreshingly effortless time

it felt very good
and made me ache for my time spent in Brooklyn
reminding me of endless summer days
walks in the park with great friends
and never ending good food

footloose and fancy free with only one baby in tow
flight out (on jet blue) went smooth, H was sweet and sleepy, delightful travel companion
tank top onsies, never a better time to sport those baby arms
Val's patio where we consumed a number of our meals, and really the only way to truly dine
bean and cheese burrito from Senor Baja in Chino, CA
crazy good fish tacos from Senor Baja Chino, CA
Michael Levine, I've never seen such a good selection of fabric, if only it was so expensive....or I was richer
this was a happy surprise, I love Chick-Fil-A
baby loves straw drinking (just water, I drank all the lemonade, naturally, I don't share that with anyone)
new sunglasses found in and around the Fabric District/Alleys
chunky baby and a straw, about to get in the spa/pool

miniature lemon tree

that little girl is hard to win over, but even still, I think she is amazing
one on one morning time with Hyrum, he's never had my undivided attention and we both loved it

my sweet baby H
gal pal Val and her little bundle due in July
in Claremont, quite possibly the most perfect place ever, I want to live there

I don't think I will ever not be surprised when I see citrus trees
double scoop in a waffle cone, chocolate of course (orange choc and raspberry choc)
those lips
Some Crust Bakery in Claremont.......I got an oatmeal raisin cookie and a lemon danish
I love a good sunflare
Chili Relleno Burrito from Patty's Burritos in Claremont area, a place Val frequented in her youth
best burrito ever, combining two of my favorite things: chili relleno and bean and cheese burritos
I never drink the whole bottle but I totally did this time, I did it for you Andy, it was a Henry's after all
I found myself in the position of being more colorful that I intended to be but thought it would be ok since I was in CA

this was my last evening there and I remember it not wanting to end
that perhaps I should have planned on one more day
a little late afternoon spa

all good things must come to an end, on my way home

to say my short trip to California was great would be a severe understatement
it was suggested that maybe I had the time of my life
a small break from my older boys
reuniting with a dear friend
combined with some sun and tacos and Olympics
I just can't say how healing a trip like this can be
I can't imagine a better way to escape winter
refresh and recharge
as a person
as a mother
as a wife
as a friend
let's do this again
gal pal Val
and soon

I'm not much of a phone talker
and by that I mean I loathe phone conversation
mostly I think it has everything to do with it making me uncomfortable
I just want to see the person I am talking to
I like to see their expressions when they speak and when they hear me speak
it helps me read the conversation better
when you take away that
I my game? 
I would rather just have someone show up at my front door to chat
I like being dropped in on
which makes it difficult when the people you want to talk to most of all
live on the East coast
or Texas
or anywhere really that isn't right next door

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

train ride on the polar express

as part of our family reunion
we went on a train ride on the Heber Creeper
(or at Christmas time, the Polar Express)
the boys of course loved it
we were planning on going on an evening train ride before Christmas
but all of our party weren't there when the train was boarding
so we missed the train
and went the day after Christmas in the morning
which turned out to be great
because we got to see some really pretty winter country side
again with the pirate face

really beautiful views from the train

I would definitely recommend a ride on this ol' timey train if you find yourself in the Heber Valley